Shine on

Light is arguably the most impactful presence in our lives. Inside the home, lighting can complement an interior design scheme, whilst helping dictate our moods and feelings.

A well-considered lighting scheme will transform your property’s aesthetic, whatever its style or taste. The very best lights will enable you to create different looks and moods and alter the appearance of any space at different times of the day or night.

Living Room

Whatever the size of your living room, layered lighting is an excellent way of meeting the versatile needs of this busy space. Ditch the harsh ceiling spotlights and focus on functional, carefully placed ceiling, wall, and floor lights. Accent these with table lamps with warmer tone LEDs for a warmer, cosier vibe in the evenings.


Architectural lights are becoming increasingly popular as they can enhance a kitchen’s look while providing a practical solution for cooking and entertaining. Pendants are used increasingly over islands and wall lights are used to define spaces or throw a beautiful illumination across a greater area, while neatly and safely tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

Dining Room

The dining room rarely gets as much wear and tear as other parts of the house so it’s a place to make a statement. A suspended light, such as an eye-catching chandelier, for example, can provide practical overhead lighting with an elegant twist. Or select something far more minimal to draw attention away from the light itself to focus on the mood and setting. This is a room for entertaining, so the lighting scheme should reflect that and work with other colour schemes and styles throughout.


Functionality is key in the bathroom, but lighting also needs to bring atmosphere into this modest space. A combination of task lighting in the shower and vanity areas, using bright LEDs, is a practical option for grooming, while more ambient ceiling and wall lighting is ideal for relaxing soaks in the bath.


Lighting in the bedroom needs to be multi-functional, offering practical support for getting ready in the morning while encouraging relaxation at the end of the day. This is where the colour temperature of the LED comes into play; opting for warm light for bedside lamps and a cooler white light for a dressing table ticks both boxes. Dimmer switches or a smart home lighting system can also control illumination for every stage of the day.


To effectively light outdoor spaces, it’s important to find key features to highlight, such as trees or architectural elements. Then it’s about choosing lighting fixtures that match the style and purpose of the outdoor area, such as pathway lights, wall lights, and strategically placing them to create a warm and inviting environment.

Remember, whichever room you are focusing on, always maximise natural light transference, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and styles to complete your design scheme.