Beautiful Blooms

The Channel Islands are home to many unique plant species, but the Jersey Orchid and Guernsey Lily are two of their proudest natives. We provide a snapshot of these beloved blooms.

Guernsey’s Lily

The Nerine sarniensis, or Guernsey lily as it is more commonly known, belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family. Famed for its vibrant pink and white flowers that bloom in late summer or early autumn, the lily’s long, slender stems give way to domed flower clusters with distinctive stamens. Due to their striking features, the lilies are popular as ornamental garden plants and can often be seen growing in pots or borders. Despite its name, the lily is not a true Guernsey native but was introduced to the island from South Africa in the 17th century. Although no one knows how it made its way over, Guernsey’s temperate climate has helped the species thrive.