Sound Asleep

More of us than ever are struggling with sleep disorders, but the demands and pace of life mean achieving a peaceful slumber has never been more important. We spoke to Sonia Ropero, Head Therapist at St Pierre Park, about a revolutionary new massage treatment that focuses on restoring balance and harmony for the perfect night’s sleep.

Our spa clients are increasingly coming to us with issues relating to stress and anxiety, whether they’re a busy executive or a stay-at-home parent, and sleep disorders often feed into these problems. While massage has always been a popular way of relieving tension and revitalising the body, we know that safeguarding sleep is key to renewing the entire body. This is why teaming up with OTO Wellbeing to launch the Sleep Soundly Massage Experience has been ground-breaking in offering our clients a fully immersive experience, that supports the nervous system and improves wellbeing while restoring calm – the vital ingredients for a peaceful sleep.

The treatment is significant as it combines the brand’s award-winning signature sleep scents of mandarin and ylang-ylang with high levels of CBD, a natural remedy heralded for reducing anxiety and enabling sleep.

An added element to the experience is Himalayan salt stones which harness the parasympathetic nervous system.

While the massage helps to reduce inflammation in the soft tissues and relieve joint issues, the accompaniment of live sound helps identify imbalances in the body’s energy system, releasing emotional heaviness and encouraging a sense of tranquillity.

An added element to the experience is Himalayan salt stones which, when warmed, harness the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for recovery and stress reduction. Once heated, the negatively charged ions and multiple minerals within the stones have the ability to combat the toxic effects of free radicals in the cells that can lead to numerous conditions, including inflammatory disease and cardiovascular problems.

Mother Nature’s Sleep Prescription

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