Hand in Hand with Noella Gabriel

Co-Founder at ELEMIS

Where did your passion for health and beauty come from?

Even before the industry took off, I always had an innate desire to teach people about the importance of wellness and choosing a healthier path. This passion led me to open a health store 45 years ago in County Cork, where I grew up.

This hunger for knowledge fuelled a passion for aromatics, so I qualified as an aromatherapist before studying beauty therapy.

I strongly believe that your skin today reflects the choices you made yesterday; what you eat feeds your skin and is projected back in the mirror. I have always been committed to empowering men and women to make the right choices – it’s a concept that sits right at ELEMIS’ heart since launch.

What gap did ELEMIS see in the market when you launched?

Initially, our focus was moisturiser and helping women understand more about what they were putting on under their makeup. We recognised a need to educate consumers and give them personal responsibility for what they saw in the mirror. That commitment hasn’t changed in over 30 years and has helped establish a loyal, savvy consumer base that understands products, ingredients, and value. We pride ourselves on communicating openly and honestly with customers and creating products that work.

What has been a key milestone in the brand’s history?

As a quintessentially British brand, we are proud to have conquered the globe. Our products are now sold in 111 countries worldwide. Our reputation is second-to-none and we hold our own against the big French brands, which we don’t take for granted. For us, Britishness represents quality, reliability, and exceeding expectations, and we work hard to maintain those standards.

What would you say is ELEMIS’ signature product and why?

I have two: the first is our Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. Blending nine essential signature oils, it transforms into three unique textures for the ultimate cleansing experience. What I love about this product is that it appeals to every demographic; my daughter loves it as much as me, which is quite a rarity!

The second is our Pro-Collagen Marine Cream: it’s our bestseller worldwide and celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. We were delighted to partner with Hand Picked Hotels for the launch, a brand synonymous with English luxury.

“We create authentic products by talking to consumers to see what they want, involving them in our innovation. We continue to evolve by talking to new audiences in new ways.”

How important are partnerships and why did you choose Hand Picked Hotels?

It’s simple, we represent two luxury British brands walking hand in hand to deliver a journey of par excellence for our clients and guests. We share the same communities but, more importantly, our values perfectly align, and this lies at the heart of our relationship.

What beauty trends have evolved over the last thirty years?

Everyone used to want a result in 5-10 days, and now they want to see the difference tomorrow; there is an urgency for results and an expectation that products work. We create authentic products by talking to consumers to see what they want, involving them in our innovation. We continue to evolve by talking to new audiences in new ways. For example, Gen Z and Alpha Gen Z are now using ELEMIS because we’ve reached out to them on TikTok; social media is changing the landscape and how brands engage with their audiences.

What about the male market?

As a lifestyle brand, we’ve been the brand of choice for British Airways for 12 years, which has played a huge part in reaching male consumers. We have a very loyal male consumer market. We know that if a man finds a product he likes, he’ll usually stick with it. Eye (Daily Eye Boost), Moisturiser (Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for Men) and shaving products (Skin Soothe Shaving Gel & Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel) are our bestsellers.

What does the future of the beauty sector look like?

This is such an exciting time for the industry, it really feels like anything is possible. We can better communicate with and educate our consumer community than ever before. Innovation is constantly improving and science and nature are dictating skincare’s evolution. Sustainability will continue to grow and we will be part of that journey with our ELEMIS Roadmap, which aims to make us 100% recyclable and sustainable by 2026, and by maintaining our B Corp Certification.

What three words would you use to describe ELEMIS?

ELEMIS is British, innovative, and delivers. Our products will never disappoint, and we strive to ensure they always exceed your expectations.

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