Welcome to the Second Issue of our UK Magazine

Julia Hands introduces our second issue of our UK Hand Picked magazine

As autumn arrives, we anticipate the fast-approaching festive season and New Year ahead, and I am delighted to extend my warmest welcome to you while celebrating the arrival of another issue of our beautiful Hand Picked Magazine. At Hand Picked Hotels, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and it is our privilege to offer enchanting, magical moments for our cherished guests throughout the seasons. Whether you are savouring an award-winning culinary masterpiece among friends or reuniting with beloved family members, our dedication to delivering every experience with passion, innovation, and creativity is beautifully showcased within the pages of this edition.

Our captivating ballerina photoshoot within the beautiful halls of Stanbrook Abbey not only reflects our pride in being quintessentially British, but also celebrates this artistry that has the power to touch the soul. Enjoy our beautiful forest dining shoot, which sets the stage for a culinary journey, complete with our talented chefs’ exquisite recipes for you to enjoy at home.

We hold a deep reverence for our environment, cultivating lush gardens within our hotel grounds that yield abundant produce and provide a sanctuary for wildlife. Our articles on sustainability are a testament to this commitment, offering expert insights on how each of us can play a part in preserving our natural world.

Whatever the season, our magazine is created for your enjoyment, I invite you to escape the everyday amongst the pages.