Wedding Trends

With bridal nuptials very much back on the summer agenda in 2023, we look at this year’s wedding trends and what you should be looking out for.

Old school Hollywood

The trend for old school glamour in wedding dresses sees the rise of thick, luxurious satins which champion the female silhouette. There’s also increased demand for structured and fitted styles with mermaid shapes and dresses with a split seeing a real comeback. This is confident wedding dressing for the modern woman and singer Arianna Grande was just one of the celebrities who chose the style for her nuptials last year.

Wedding Trends (A)


Lace wedding dresses have long been a favourite of Royals (think back to 2011 and the Princess of Wales) and Hollywood stars (Gwyneth Paltrow and Paris Hilton) but the trend for lace this year sees it reinvent itself with a modern twist. Summer 2023’s lacy creations have razor-sharp cuts, contemporary designs or a sheer finish, making them much more sassy than sensible.


After a few years of pared-back gowns, we’re pleased to say that embellishment is back! There’s nothing quite like a little twinkling when it comes to walking down the aisle – and Princess Beatrice should know. Her vintage Norman Hartnell was encrusted with hundreds of diamantes. She led the charge as, whether it’s beads, sequins, feathers or even jewels and gems, this year’s brides are all about adding a little extra embellishment to give their dress that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Raised hemlines

Short wedding dresses are a trend that have been around a few years but this year, they aren’t quite as short as they were. Midi and ankle length dresses have come to the fore, replacing the mini wedding dress, and allow the bride to opt for something a little modern but still retain classic appeal. Flared fifties skirts are especially popular as they have both a contemporary and vintage feel.

The modern tuxedo

The perfect mix of dressy and smart, a tuxedo always makes the wearer look polished and put together with total precision. No wonder they’ve become a groom staple. But now, instead of the classic black and white, modern tuxedo designs are mixing things up a bit. Contrasting fabrics, such as velvet, plaid and wool form different sections of the tuxedo, meaning grooms can stay traditional while also making a statement.

Wedding Trends (B)

Slim fits

Slim fits are cut so they are narrower through the chest and waist and give a more streamlined, fitted look. Whether it’s in the form of a tuxedo or a morning suit, many are opting for slimmer fits and narrower shapes. These have a more contemporary feel and the added bonus of being more flattering on the wearer, especially if they have a smaller build.

Colourful accents

Men’s wedding attire tends to be made up of blacks, greys and the odd navy but, this year, there will be some colourful accents thrown in too. As well as pastel shades, bolder hues, especially pinks, blues and greens, will be walking up the aisle. Bravo, we say.

Formal double breasted

The continued popularity of Netflix’s The Crown, has led to a demand for more formal, double-breasted suits. Double-breasted jackets have been notorious in the past for making the wearer look shorter and adding visual weight but this was because they tended to have a boxier shape. The modern version shouldn’t do this, especially if it’s been made to measure and fitted properly.

Wedding Trends (C)

The trend for old school glamour sees the rise of thick, luxurious satins which champion the female silhouette.

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