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Fragrance is an incredibly powerful tool for brain stimulation. The olfactory receptors in our nose send signals to the brain’s limbic system, responsible for memories and emotions, which is why distinguishing a specific scent can evoke powerful feelings. The idea of being able to keep memories alive was one of the driving factors for Katy Simpson, the founder behind Noble Isle, when she started the business over eleven years ago.

I’ve always had a passion for fragrance and its ability to recreate precious moments in my life. There’s a story behind every collection and with each new fragrance, I have a feeling, a memory, a place that I am trying to re-create.

The inspiration behind the new Greenhouse collection was during my first summer living in Oxfordshire; I had just moved from London to an old rural farmhouse, with beautiful gardens, fruit trees, a vegetable patch and a greenhouse. I vividly recall a walk down the garden on a hot summer’s day, the air was filled with different notes from the flowers and fruit trees, I walked to the greenhouse, opened the door, and the aroma of warm, earthy, tomato leaf wafted out and mixed with the garden aromas. It was magical, and the scent stayed with me for 10 years before I created The Greenhouse collection.

We are all busy people, and there’s not much time in the day for us to take a moment to relax and reflect. By using fragrance in the scattered moments where we are alone, such as in the shower or reading a good book with a flickering candle, you really get a chance to enjoy the fragrance and the memories it creates.

Noble Isle wants to enhance your memories through the wonder of fragrance. The time you spend with your loved ones, whether that be long, leisurely walks or the most heavenly night’s sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets and duck down pillows. The experience doesn’t last forever but the happy memories can.

For example, the invigorating Noble Isle Summer Rising collection is filled with notes of tangerine, orange blossom, and freshly cut grass to remind you of the immaculate grounds on a summer’s day at Buxted Park.

The handsome, dramatic fragrance of Whisky & Water, enriched with cedarwood, amber, and vanilla to keep the memory of having a drink by the roaring fire at Norton House on a cold December evening.

Or maybe it’s the sophisticated Tea Rose fragrance, layered with jasmine, bergamot, and clary sage, that keeps the memory of the prestigious Balibrook House alive, a hotel steeped in history and grandeur.

Mother Nature’s Sleep Prescription

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