Nature’s Medicine

As technology urges us to move increasingly quickly, more of us are striving to reconnect with nature. Health and Fitness specialist Ian Potter and Group Health Club and Spa Manager Lesley Bacon, offer some great insights into the many health and wellness benefits this brings.

In such a busy world, exposure to natural daylight, green spaces, water, and sun is extremely powerful, lulling us into a calmer, less stressed state. If we look at how many of us are ‘living’ versus what we could be doing to improve our lives, it is obvious we can change and live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Improving our health and wellness with nature

So many options are available, but it’s important to choose activities you enjoy and stay consistent. Here are some simple activities to opt for:

Walk: Particularly in green spaces if you can access them.

Swim: Find a natural water source if possible.

Cycle: A great way to get some fresh air and avoid traffic in most places.

Train for strength: You don’t always need the gym, use bodyweight exercises, park benches, stones, and rocks.

Grounding: Slip off your shoes and walk barefoot.

Gardening: Inside or out, plants can bring colour and joy into your space.

Dog walking: If you have a dog, the walks will be year-round in all types of weather.

Daylight exposure: Get into the daylight (particularly in winter) and expose yourself to the sun’s vitamin D powers.

Once you start to reconnect you will wonder how you ever got so far away from nature.

Mother Nature’s Sleep Prescription

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