Welcome to Issue 2

Julia Hands introduces our second issue of Hand Picked magazine

I am delighted that we are all finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in the hospitality industry and that you, our valued guests, are once again enjoying well-deserved breaks with loved ones. Hand Picked Hotels takes immense pride in making these precious moments ones that you will treasure for years to come – our main aim for every experience we are fortunate enough to host.

As we celebrated our 21st year, we launched our very first magazine in The Channel Islands this April. Its success means we are able to bring you this, our first ever national magazine. This edition has been joyous to create and our contributors and their creativity knows no bounds. I never thought I would see a horse trotting through The Great Hall at Fawsley Hall, but what a treat for our guests who witnessed it!

Filled with what we do best, this publication offers a glimpse behind the scenes at Hand Picked Hotels, with tips from our experts and our recommendations for the top local hotspots to inspire your stay.

Whether you are keen to try a recipe from our award-winning chefs, indulge in beauty tips from our spa experts, or you simply want to sit back and relax with a good read, please enjoy this magazine with our compliments.