Star Studded Sailing

The ultimate status symbol for the world’s greatest spy, Daniel Craig portrayed James Bond’s masterful sailing skills in Casino Royale and No Time to Die on board a stunning Spirit Yacht.

With the global luxury yacht market worth over $6 billion and continuing to grow thanks to the increasing affluence of yachting enthusiasts, a growing interest in this exclusive leisure activity favoured by the rich and famous has helped to raise the profile of this luxurious pursuit. While some yacht purists may be less inclined to wax lyrical about the more recent phenomenon of the super yacht, a larger and more luxurious incarnation of its smaller sibling, their burgeoning popularity suggests they’re here to stay.

The super yacht concept emerged in the early 20th century as affluent fans sought larger and more opulent vessels for leisure cruising. For the extravagance of multiple decks, spacious cabins, and fine furnishings, the aristocrats of the era were willing to pay, and custom-built yachts became the norm.

A renewed enthusiasm for the pursuit and technological advancements allowed for larger vessels, and the superyacht became the global symbol of wealth and luxury.

Celebrity Sailors

David and Victoria Beckham, Seven

Former footballer, David, and his Spice Girl wife, Victoria, recently upgraded from a £5million yacht to ‘Seven’, which is understood to be worth £16million. The three-tiered vessel comes complete with its own garage, upper deck jacuzzi, and swim platform.

Steven Spielberg, Seven Seas

Renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg owns the superyacht Seven Seas, which boasts a sleek design and luxurious interiors. It includes amenities such as a private deck, jacuzzi, and cinema.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Galactica Star

The power couple reportedly owns a superyacht called ‘Galactica Star’, which boasts several luxurious interiors and amenities.